Berluti has been making shoes for the elegant man since 1895. Offbeat classicism and technical virtuosity are keynotes of the House, while its character remains the same. To visit Berluti is to experience first-hand the leading character traits of the House.

Sep 2016


For the second half of the day, I wanted to take a breather from work and head for a hike above Monte-Carlo on a trail overlooking the sea, with the entire French Riviera sweeping out on my right side and Monaco to my left.

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Jul 2016


After flying into the Nice airport, one of the best ways to arrive quickly and stylishly to Monaco is by helicopter. In just seven minutes you’re there, avoiding traffic while taking in scenic views from above the Mediterranean Sea. As you may have caught on while reading my previous stories, one of my favorite brands to sport while traveling is Berluti.

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Jun 2016


Taking time off to go on holiday is not an easy task when you’re an entrepreneur juggling a ton of different responsibilities. Since I truly love what I do and tend to throw myself fully into each project, I don’t need to take vacation frequently to feel recharged and reinvigorated.

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