The company was founded in 1910 by Ermenegildo Zegna. At the age of 18 he founded the Lanificio Zegna (wool mill) and what was to become one of Italy’s best known and most dynamic family businesses. He had a dream that he would make, in his own words, ‘the most beautiful fabrics in the world'..

Mar 2015


First impression is key, and if you don’t look presentable at first approach, let me tell you it may take some time and effort to correct that. This is a valid point for numerous situations; whether in personal life or a corporate, professional setting, people form their own perception of who you are within seconds of meeting you.

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Jan 2015


Here is an awesome selection of items that I have been wearing for one of my latest articles: “Monaco With Style”. In order to truly reflect the finesse and quality detail of the clothing and accessories, we have produced a studio photo shoot for your browsing pleasure!

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Dec 2014


The Principality of Monaco is located at the center of the Mediterranean arc, on the French Riviera coast between two French cities, near the Italian border. The country of Monaco is the second smallest country in the world right after the Vatican, with a surface of only 2 km².

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