The craftsmanship and work that goes into our swim shorts is second to none. Our fabrication has an extremely soft-to-touch hand feel with a durability and texture you'd like to find in a luxury product, while our aglets are handcrafted and gilded to resemble a traditional monkey fist knot.

Aug 2015


Considering the Riviera summer comes in ‘heat wave’ form this year, I am always looking for the best places to relax in Monaco and have a good, chill time – most preferably right by the pool, in case of the urge to dive in. And so naturally I chose the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel as ‘the one’.

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Jun 2015


No better backdrop than this… at the doorstep of Monaco, yet within French Territory, stands the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel. A luxury summer resort created in the early nineties which opened its doors in 1929.

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