Capturing the magical light in each gemstone is at the heart of ORLOV, the high jewelry brand founded in 2010 in Monaco by Angela and Christian Orlov. Driven by the founders’ passion for exquisite gemstones and superb craftsmanship, the brand strives to offer poetic creations that truly highlight the dazzling nature of each stone. Underlined by the judicious use of diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds are set in breathtaking designs that combine contemporary elegance with the influence of a deeply personal artistic and cultural heritage.

Jan 2018


It’s an exciting travel day as I arrive early into Le Castellet airport and take the New Bentley Continental GT the new Bentley Continental GT right from the tarmac to Monaco, where I have a wonderful evening in store with someone special.

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Dec 2017


With an avant-premiere feeling, I had the 2018 Continental GT delivered right on the tarmac and as I get down the aircraft I can glimpse for the first time the new lines of that incredible grand tourer.

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